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Commercial High Dusting/Awning/Sign Cleaning

Awning Dusting PhoenixA Cleaner View’s awning and sign cleaning varies in a multitude of tools used on several different types of material from; shammies and squeegees for some types of vinyl, to brushes and heated pressure rinses with extension poles and wands, to water fed pole systems up to 30 feet high with soap injector, for whatever chemical is appropriate. Our water fed pole systems and pressure rinse systems are all hard water filtered to improve the quality of your clean and the outcome of our product. All pressure systems are checked to insure the range and pressure necessary to clean, but not hurt any surface being rinsed or pressure cleaned. All signs are finish rinsed with an iodized water rinse to insure the drip free look you need at night when you name is up in lights. Some leather, suede, and high end vinyl products may need hand application of recommended products. All of your awning and sign cleaning would of course receive, as all commercial accounts do, our office’s ability to arrange all your scheduling to coincide with our window technician arriving in the morning to detail your look.

High Dusting needs range from job to job depending on our clients needs; from once a quarter large sports bars and restaurant atmospheres, to home office (multi-level buildings) bi-weekly janitorial office cleaning, to scrubbing large commercial ceiling tiles (kitchen PFC board walls etc.). Our high dusting crews are equipped with many different industry standard tools such as; micro fiber towels, backpack vacuums, various size ladders and poles (up to 20 feet inside 30 feet outside), cob web catchers, micro fiber head pole toppers, halogen lights, drop cloths, and various polishing products.

In fact, with our commercial services, you can bundle all your intense cleaning needs into one source of accountability, giving you or your managers the time and resources needed to run your business at peak quality and affordability. E-mails can even be sent to larger accounts Regional Managers, Facilities Managers, Vice President of Operations, etc., on a monthly or quarterly basis with scheduling and store updates.

Each A Cleaner View cleaning visit is backed by our 100% Cleaning Guarantee. We guarantee to clean your carpets, tile & grout, concrete, epoxy floors, or any other cleaning service to your complete satisfaction, or we will return and re-clean your product at no additional cost. Contact us within 48 hours of your cleaning, if you are not satisfied.

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